Flat hair? Get permanent, beachy waves all summer long!!

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Does your straight, flat hair stick to you all summer? Wish you had those natural, beachy waves without all the hard work? Look no further! Get a PERM! But not that 80s perm you’re thinking of. Get a MODERN perm–Laura shows you how we use larger rods to create those beachy, loose curls all summer long! Just shower and go!

Happy summer waves for all,

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  1. Hair Salon Fan

    Yes! We love beach waves. It was really awesome to see the video demonstration. It is so true that we have come to turn our nose up when we hear the word perm, but this technique is not your me-mama’s perm. Great work Laura. Big Kudos to the video producer too. The staff and stylists at our Jacksonville, FL Salon commends your education efforts and blog!

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