5 Common Culprits of Breakouts (and their solutions)!

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Do you do your best to keep up with your skincare routine, only to wake up with yet another breakout??

Here are some common culprits:

1. Pillowcases
2. Cellphones pressed against the face/ Leaning on your hands
3. Sunglasses/ hats
4. Bangs/ hair sitting on face
5. Sensitivity to sunscreens/ makeup

We don’t realize how often our skin comes into contact with dirty things on a regular basis!

So here are some great solutions for the break-out prone:

1. Wipe down those phones before every use (and your hands while you’re at it!)
2. Keep hands away from the face
3. Change pillowcases frequently so you’re not laying on oils from your hair night after night
4. Keep hair pulled back
5. Choose quality, non-clogging makeup and drink lots of water to wash out the impurities

Of course the breakouts can be the result of a hormonal change or even be diet related, but if thats not the case, hopefully you’ll see quick improvement with these simple reminders.

To try in July:

Dermalogica’s Precleanse is designed to melt through layers of oil in your skin. It even dissolves sunscreen and waterproof makeup to allow your 2nd cleanser to work more effectively. Add this to your routine for a deeper clean and to eliminate some of those breakouts!

Breakouts be gone,


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