Help Your Skin Beat the (Dry) Winter Blues!

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We’re spoiled here in Durham with temperatures still in the ‘60s and even the ‘70s, but with overnight temps dipping down into the 30’s, ’tis the season for dry, dehydrated skin. A drop in humidity coupled with indoor heating mean it’s time to amp up your skin care moisture game!

How to Beat the Winter Skin Blues

1. If you’re a fan of scorching hot showers, now’s the time to stop! Hot showers dehydrate your skin, leaving your flaky and itchy. If you can’t quit the hot showers, at least keep your face out of hot water! Wash your face before or after your shower with warm or cool water instead.

2. Do you usually use an oil-free moisturizer like Active Moist? You might want to switch up to something more emollient like Skin Smoothing Cream or Intensive Moisture Balance, or add Skin Hydrating Booster to increase hydration without adding more oil. Many people find that they need to change their skin care products during different seasons of the year. What works for you during the summer may not be enough during the winter.

3. Add humidity to your home or office with humidifiers. If you can’t outfit the whole house, run one in your bedroom to help hydrate your skin overnight.

5. Take a few moments a week to apply to treatment masque. The Skin Hydrating Masque works great for everyone (hint: I let it dry and even sleep in it!) to boost hydration and smooth out skin, and the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is perfect for more mature skin. Have a glass of wine, listen to some music and just take a few minutes for YOU!

5. My absolute all-time favorite for dry, mature skin is the powerhouse combination of Overnight Recovery Serum with Super Rich Repair. Apply a thin layer of the luxurious rose-scented serum and then apply the moisturizer to seal it in. Wake up to dewy soft skin

6. As always, remember to drink your water, limit caffeine, and don’t forget the sunscreen! Though you’re unlikely to get a sunburn in December, those UVA rays can still cause cancer and premature aging.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


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