How to: Get your hair get SCARY BIG this Halloween!

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Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone woman wants to know: how can I get my hair scary big? Maybe you’re going to be Dolly Parton. Maybe a witch. Maybe Medusa. Maybe Bellatrix from Harry Potter. Or maybe you want pull a throwback and go as Doc from Back to the Future.

No matter your character, one thing’s for sure: people want scary-cool hair. So here are three products to get you there!


Get volume in post-shower while your hair is damp by running Redken’s Stay High throughout. Blow dry as normal, and voila–great volume! It comes out as a gel and then upon emusifying in your hand, it turns into a mousse! Cool, right?


After blowdrying, but before you style, use Redken’s Quick Tease spray. Apply close up for volume at the root, and spray far away for texture creation! After you have the volume you want, create your style!


Getting volume and height in is one thing, but keeping it there throughout the night is another. Our *favorite favorite favorite* way to keep your style sky high? POWDER GRIP! I’d say it’s liquid gold, but it’s more like magic powder! Just a few poofs underneath your roots once your hair style is complete, and your hair isn’t going anywhere. See the magic! Scrunch your hair in the places you want crazy volume after you’ve thrown a few poofs throughout the hair, and you’ll see it STAYS in the place you scrunched it! This is also incredible for back combing. Finish by spraying a high-hold hairspray and you’re good for the night!

And there you have it! Three easy ways to get Scary Big hair this Halloween!

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