Owner & Artistic Director

Best Quick Tip: Always emulsify and evenly distribute product in your hair.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Meg Ryan

Guilty Pleasure: Patrick Javiller Mersault Les Tillets, the best white wine from France!

Distinctives: My clients trust me due to my experience and various certifications including: Redken Master Specialist, Hairworld Attendee, Redken NY Exchange, California Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Random Fact: I read the Desiderata poem every day!


Artistic Director 

Best Quick Tip: For a little lift, put some velcro rollers in for a few minutes before your usual routine.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Penelope Cruz

Guilty Pleasure: Red wine and dark chocolate!

Distinctives: As a stylist of 34 years of experience and education, I feel it is important to stay current with the latest trends, styles and techniques. I listen intently to each clients desires in order to create a customized look for them.

Random Fact:I’d rather be at the beach than anywhere else!


Artistic Director 

Best Quick Tip: For loose, natural waves, put your hair in a bun and heat up the bun with the dryer. Remove hair tie and shake out after 10 minutes of cooling.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Reese Witherspoon

Guilty Pleasure: Coffee-flavored ice cream!

Distinctives: I’m known for my haircut designs, especially curly haircuts! Very thorough, beautiful blowouts that last for days. I’m a Certified Redken Color Specialist and a Redken Master Specialist.

Random Fact: I’m an Iowa native!


Master Stylist

Best Quick Tip: Professional shampoo and conditioner are the foundation for gorgeous hair.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Sofia Vergara

Guilty Pleasure: Cocktails and sushi!

Distinctives: I am a certified Redken Master Colorist and Specialist who loves continuing education. I’m also Keratin Complex Certified and Brazilian Blowout Certified . I love good conversation and meeting new people. I have a deep passion for hair cutting and creating both subtle color and vibrant hues, and not afraid to give you my professional opinion.

Random Fact: I love jam bands!


Master Stylist

Best Quick Tip: Use Redken Powder Refresh to create a loose & low pony, leaving out face-framing pieces. Finish with tinted SPF moisturizer & mascara for a casual-chic look.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Lady Gaga

Guilty Pleasure: Thin Mints!

Distinctives: Redken Master Specialist and Certified Color Specialist. I will always offer you my professional advice with photographs to help you visualize, keep the integrity of your hair, and most importantly the tools and instructions to help you recreate your look.

Random Fact: I own a Shelby!


Master Stylist 

Best Quick Tip: When crunched for time, style the front and top layers of your hair! Then finish with a little texture spray.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Kaley Cuoco

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate and shopping at Kendra Scott

Distinctives: I’ve attended Redken Symposium in Las Vegas and taken many master classes with top designers. Education is important to me. It is my passion to make my clients look and feel beautiful every time they sit in my chair!

Random Fact: I love going to the beach in my spare time!


Master Stylist

Best Quick Tip: Over direct your hair when blow drying to achieve added volume!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Jessie James Decker and Kim Kardashian

Guilty Pleasure: Peanut Butter M&Ms

Distinctives: I’m a Premiere Orlando attendee who enjoys exploring with my creative side by experimenting with different color techniques and keeping up with the latest trends. I love helping my clients feel good about themselves.

Random Fact: I am a huge Duke fan! I got to shoot a basketball through coach K’s arms when I was little!


Master Stylist & Makeup Artist

Best Quick Tip: Never rinse out all your conditioner! You should emulsify your hair with conditioner from the pony tail down, comb your fingers through until completely untangled, rinse for 15 to 30 seconds and stop. Your hair will never feel softer!

Celebrity Hair Hero: G-Dragon

Guilty Pleasure: Animal Crossing binge sessions!

Distinctives: I am a Redken Color Specialist and I specialize in color corrections and curly hair! I currently split time between here and New York City. I enjoy talking with my guests and informing them how to best treat their particular hair problem.

Random Fact: I can speak some Japanese and I am currently learning Korean.


Master Bridal Specialist & Master Stylist

Best Quick Tip: Take hair in 1 inch sections. Tease 10 times, spray, brush. It creates nice, voluminous hair.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Megan Fox

Guilty Pleasure: Red Wine & Crown

Distinctives: Extension Specialist, Bridal Specialist, Premiere Orlando Attendee, Numerous advanced training certifications.

Random Fact: I love spending time with my son and dog, Nesee Mae!


Master Stylist 

Best Quick Tip: Sprinkle or puff Powder Grip on your scalp for amazing volume!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Carrie Underwood

Guilty Pleasure: Online shopping and margaritas!

Distinctives: My clients enjoy me because I’m full of conversation and always have an open ear to listen. I’m also a Premiere Orlando and Salon Centric Hair Show attendee. Have also attended the Redken Symposium in Las Vegas. I’ve enjoyed taking Redken Color and Cutting classes as well as Pureology classes.

Random Fact: I have a golden doodle named Ryder!


Senior Stylist

Best Quick Tip: Use dry shampoo on clean hair to add grip and texture!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Brigitte Bardot

Guilty Pleasure: Margaritas

Distinctives: I am a balayage and blonding specialist! I am also a master extension artist for Bellami. I describe my style to be very organic and natural!

Random Fact: I’m a mama to the best fur baby ever, Mazzy Star.



Best Quick Tip: When curling your hair leave the ends out for a more wavy, beachy look.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Khloe Kardashian 

Guilty Pleasure: Target

Distinctives: I’m known for my natural lived in color looks. I have advanced training in Wella Color, Redken advance training with Brayden Pelletier, also multiple color and cutting classes at Premiere Orlando.

Random Fact: I’m left handed


Stylist & Makeup Artist 

Best Quick Tip: Never leave the house without mascara and concealer!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Khloe Kardashian

Guilty Pleasure: Chick-Fil-A

Distinctives: Specialize in Blonding Techniques and makeup. I dream in color.

Random Fact: My favorite place to travel to is Ireland!



Best Quick Tip: Men can use blow dryers and product too!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Adam Levine

Guilty Pleasure: Jeeps and Cole Haans

Distinctives: I am a Premier Orlando and Redken Symposium attendee. I have advanced mens cutting training, as well as color training with Redken and Wella. I enjoy listening to my clients share their thoughts and stories.

Random Fact: I have sick dance moves.


Junior Stylist 

Best Quick Tip: Spray a soft finish hairspray before heat styling for extra hold

Celebrity Hair Hero: Hayden Panettierre

Guilty Pleasure: Mexican food and my dog, Opie

Distinctives: I love working with with Dimensional Brunettes and Curly Hair!

Random Fact: I can rap “WORK” by A$AP Ferg word for word



Best Quick Tip: Professional shampoo & conditioner are the foundation for gorgeous hair!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Salma Hayek & Catherine Zeta Jones

Guilty Pleasure: Red wine & Cocktails

Distinctives: Amazing scalp massages and spectacular blowouts! I love good conversation and getting to know new people.

Random Fact: I’m from Cancùn, Mexico


Esthetician & Makeup Artist 

Best Quick Tip: Run castor oil through your brows every night for thicker and stronger brows!

Celebrity Brow Hero: Kelley Baker

Guilty Pleasure: Makeup & Margaritas!

Distinctives: I am a Dermalogica trained Skincare Therapist and a certified Ellebana Lash Lift Artist. I specialize in full-body waxing with an expertise in brows and brazilians. I am also a Makeup Artist with a passion for bridal makeup while focusing on what I call “natural glam.” I’m your girl for all things skincare & makeup!

Random Fact: My other job is being a mom!



Best Quick Tip: Drink 8 glasses of water a day for glowing skin in addition to your skin care routine.

Celebrity Brow Hero: Halle Berry

Guilty Pleasure: Bacon!

Distinctives: My clients love to come back because I pamper them!

Random Fact: Visiting the town where my mom grew up in Italy is on my bucket list.


Salon Coordinator 

Best Quick Tip: Always look presentable.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Jennifer Aniston

Guilty Pleasure: Bay Breezes

Random Fact: I have two kids that are my world!


Salon Coordinator

Best Quick Tip: Use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation for a more natural look!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Savannah LaBrant

Guilty Pleasure: Making TikTok videos

Random Fact: I’m a student at High Point University studying Event Management!


Salon Coordinator 

Best Quick Tip: You can never go wrong with false lashes!

Celebrity Hair Hero: Blake Lively

Guilty Pleasure: Ruffles Potato Chips

Random Fact: I’m a huge football fan.


Salon Coordinator 

Best Quick Tip: For a lazy hair day use Pureology beach wave sugar spray for a natural look with a non-sticky feel.

Celebrity Hair Hero: Leighton Meester

Guilty Pleasure: Iced Chai Tea Lattes

Random Fact: I can play three different instruments: flute, trombone, and piano!